Satta Matka Weekly Open To Close In Ratia

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We provides weekly chart and weekly jodi, satta weekly jodi, kalyan weekly jodi, sattamataka143 weekly jodi, panna chart, kalyan weekly chart. Check out our satta weekly jodi today. WEEKLY PANEL CHART 25 MAY 2020 TO 31 MAY 2020. 1 => 489 560 678 137 146 . 2 => 129 480 246 679 156 . 3 => 247 166 256 120 490 . 4 => 248 220 680 789 347 .


open to close:-3-8-(4) pass-9. jodi:-38-83-(49)-94-88-99-(44)pass -33. panna:-490-459-590-450. date–14/05/2020 fix game

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Kalyan Matka 100% Fix OTC • Jodi | 02–06–2020 | Strong OTC | Kaal, Open & Jodi (65) Mein Pass MilaSatta Matka. Satta Matka has always been a part of the Indian culture and from long before the independence this gambling game was played in the most traditional way. Today, courtesy the changing times the game is played online. Initially with Sattamatka the chits were dropped in a matka for the draw and that’s how, the name Satta Matka came into being. Life is a game where luck bounces an.