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stomata play a minor role and no stomatal limitation is observed. Thereafter, the increase of stomatal conductance cannot meet the demand of carbon assimilation for CO2 during subsequent leaf expansion, thus leading to stomatal limitation of photosynthesis [10–13]. That is, ontogenetic changes of stomata with leaf expan-sion may cause the slower increase of stomatal conductance com-pared with that of.

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Stomata 1 in a saline world Rainer Hedrich ,2and Sergey Shabala 3 Salt stress results in a dramatic increase in ABA biosynthesis, H 2O 2 accumulation, and reduced K+ availability in the shoot. Each of these factors leads to stomata closure, so reducing CO 2 assimilation and imposing yield penalties. However, halophytes, naturally salt tolerant plant species, flourish under saline conditions that would.

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